Alfapop” Plaster of Paris Bandage is made from specially woven Leno Gauze evenly impregnated with ultra fine POP powder that gives it extra strength and fast drying qualities.

Usage Spectrum:

Immobilization of simple and compound fractures.

Product Features:

  • Extra Strong Cast
  • Extra Creamy: Perfect homogeneity leading to smooth texture
  • Fast Drying
  • Quick Setting Time (3 to 5 Minutes)
  • Quick Saturation (3 to 5 Seconds)
  • Easy to mould with minimum powder loss
  • Load bearing capacity: Partial load after 30 minutes
    Full Load after 24 to 48 hours
  • Moisture proof packaging

Alfapop: Packing Specifications

Ref. No. Size Rolls/ Inner Box Inner Box / Outer Carton
POP 75A 7.5 cm x 2.7m 12 Rolls 12
POP 10A 10 cm x 2.7m 12 Rolls 12
POP 15A 15 cm x 2.7m 12 Rolls 8
POP 20A 20 cm x 2.7m 12 Rolls 6

Please Note: The sizes and packing specifications are just indicative. We can customize the size and packing specifications as per customer’s requirement.